So You’re Pregnant

So imagine you’re 22 (Taylor swift’s “22” is now playing in your head. You’re welcome.) SO you’re 22, sitting on your bed at your parents house looking at a pregnancy test in shock at those two pretty little pink lines. Every single thing starts going through your head… “I’m no where near done with school” “how am I gonna tell my mom?” “is she going to be disappointed?” “how am I going to tell my boyfriend?” “how are we going to tell his family?” “will they be mad at me?” Now relax…

When I found out I was pregnant it was one of the scariest moments I had ever experienced. I wish I could go back in time and tell past me that everything was going to be okay. I remember sobbing on my bed as I told my mom. She laughed at me and pulled me in tight. I realize that not everyone has it that way. In retrospect I realize how foolish I was. I thought my world was ending, but it was really beginning.

Over time all of my previous worries evaporated (don’t get me wrong, I still worry, a lot! but that’s another post for another time.). No one was entirely disappointed, if they were they never voiced it. My boyfriend stuck around and even proposed (we’re getting married in September) and his family still loves me the same. It’s true, going to school is a lot harder but I’m taking baby steps to get back into the swing of things. Everything worked out for me in the grand scheme of things.

Now I realize that not everyone is so lucky. I know that a lot of young mothers go through many many many more hardships than I did. I want you to know, young mother, that I am here for you. If you need an advocate or a shoulder to lean on I will be here. If you need advice, I will be here. Remember that no matter what happens, you were meant to bring this new little life into the world. I know it’s hard and new and complicated but I believe in you, young mother.

– Krista